New V0iD video coming soon for Say my Name


So what have V0iD been doing in the 2 & half years since we were last gigging on the scene? Well, things might have gone slow for us for a while, but safe to say V0iD are back in 2013 and we’re going hell for leather with this year.

Here’s an update on our doing’s’

V0iD have been busy the last month recording  video footage for their forthcoming single ‘Say my name’ .  The video is currently in production phase but as soon as we’ve got our hands on it, so will you!

Proper exciting stuff, especially as we have recently been back out gigging in the Llanelli area, and have a rack of gigs coming up in the next couple o’ months, across South Wales and  even further east.  More gig announcements to come soon, V0iD are back on the road!

In the time since V0iD last appearance, there ‘ve been a few band changes too, for those eagle-eyed out there. This is V0iD version 4.0 no less, but back in December when these four guys decided they would have a bash at taking V0iD to the next level, it had already been a long road from the last gig in May 2011.

Full-time member of the band since 2008, Wayne E  AKA PRICEY, shifted sideways to fill the empty slot left by those dearly departed from the role, the bassist. While the plan was all along to bring in Wayne’s old school-buddy Andy to step into lead guitar, now, even with just two guitars out of the imagined 3, things were shaping up.

So, we’ve been practising for a few months now and have played some gigs with more on the way, and the video is coming out soon. So what else? Yep, right now we’re busy writing material for V0iD’s third, as yet untitled, new fully LP album.  We hope to hit the studio when the year turns, and put those darker months to good use in polishing up and recording for V0iD III.