Bosuilfeesten 2014, Belgium


We were delighted to be asked to come and play with long-time buddies Portrait B, at Bosuilfeesten 2014. We had a long ride getting to Belgium, with a brief overnighter in Folkstone. We got to Ghent on a raininy afternoon and watched some local artists take to the stage as they day went on.

One thing about the Belgians, they really know how to throw a party! The end of the night was pretty messy, after all that locally brewed Belgian beer! It really is tasty stuff’

So, we had such a royal good time, as the photos below reveal’.  The whole event went off seamlessly, and many people we met were very welcoming and it felt like a whole community came out to the festival.  A big hand has to go to Joost, the organiser. Top Guy!

Hand-drawn special edition setlists'written up by Pricey Bassman!

Bosuilfeesten 2014, Belgium

We had  a blast playing for you guys and we hope we can do it again soon!