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Latest Keep Fighting Review

Fireworks Magazine

V0iD (with a zero!) a four-piece band from- as they describe it themselves – “ deepest darkest Wales”. Featuring Wayne Doyle on guitar/vocals, Gary Doyle drums, Andrew Kowalik guitar and Wayne Esmonde bass, this band came like a bolt out of the blue to me because I hadn’t heard of them before. However reading comments by many well respected Rock journalists about just how good their two previous albums were, I can’t deny I couldn’t work out why that was?

thankfully however I’ve caught up and now their brand new album ‘Keep Fighting’ spinning away in the death deck and I’m happy to report that the music of V0id makes me smile as I listen to it. ‘…Fighting’ is a superb mix of the band’s own style of Melodic Rock, The Manic Street Preachers, Stereophonics (male it’s a Welsh thing?) and Rubber, which makes this album a real listening pleasure.

The songs on this release are loosely based around the challenges that life throws at you, hence the album’s title and when you play this album and turn up the volume, the exuberance and fire V0id have poured into their songs and performances, sets the feet a tapping and the head nodding as you listen to it.

‘Not The One’ is all jangly guitars and bouncy riffs that hit hard, the fantastic title track has some superb heartfelt lyrics that make you stop and think whereas ‘Forever’s Yesterday’ is a driven Rock song that has a big hook and some nice guitar work. Alternatively, ‘Where Have You been’ is a slower number with strong emotional vocals and a jarring riff that stays with you long after the song has finished playing whilst Say My Name’ has an almost Punk feel, wth its caustic guitar riffs and attacking vocals.

To say that I was blown away by this album, due to its impressive songs, performances and production, would be an understatement. Everything about it just hit the spot for me and ‘Keep Fighting’ is a perfect introduction to the world of V0id and their music. Do yourselves a favour and check this excellent band out, you’ll be glad you did.


Following their previous albums Ballads For Beauties And Beasts and Zer0, Welsh classic rock band V0iD are back with their third album ‘Keep Fighting’. Produced by Tim Hammill, who has worked with Lemmy, GirlSchool and Ronnie James Dio, the album is released this summer alongside a string of live dates throughout the UK and Europe.

Based on its title as a theme; third album ‘Keep Fighting’ sees the band work though personnel changes, and gain inspiration from various stories of human endurance: A close friend of the band who battled against leukaemia for ten years whilst raising over 25k for charity, a fan in Holland who suffered a brain tumour, taking strength from V0iD’s music whilst in recovery, and their own drummer Gary Doyle, who had major knee surgery followed by a long period of rehab and physiotherapy, not knowing whether he’d be able to drum again.

I’ve not heard any of their previous output, but, straight out of the blocks ‘Keep Fighting has this’ marching drum vibe, and I must admit that its not normally my cup of tea, but the V0id lads seem to have a knack of drawing you in, such is the quality of the hooks coupled with instantly hummable choruses.

To be fair V0id have the corking ‘Let Me In’ as the lead single, but the fact is, most of these songs on offer could be picked as future nuggets. From the soaring ‘In The End’, the powerful balled ‘Forever Girl’ to the anthemic ‘For The Soul’, and haunting melody of ‘Starting Again’. ‘How Come’ to a point sounds very much like Tyketto. The gem for me is the first single (of many) ‘Let Me In’. It reminds me of a very unknown (?) rock band from the 80s called Diving For Pearls. Unless you’re a DFP band member or a lover of Klassik 80s AOR then you’ll never get the reference. All I can tell you is that its high praise indeed!

V0id are more pop-rock than out and out rock, but I think its firmly set in the musical realm of FM friendly music that lots of people can enjoy, and not just bitter old rockers with a narrow mind to anything other than metal. V)is seem like they are a guilty pleasure, but not to me. Ill stick my head above the parapet, V0id are a new fave band and definitely underrated, and very talented indeed.

As I said previously, I’d not heard their previous 2 albums, but I’ll be putting that right immediately. V0id are going places, and its only one direction, up!

Da Iawn!




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